About: I talk about vegetables, a lot.


An exploration of all things veggie & Montreal. I share my recipes, my thoughts and a lil’ piece of my heart.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian or a health freak to enjoy this blog, you simply have to love food.

I’m not a chef or a culinary expert but it goes without saying that I love to eat, who doesn’t? I bring my creative energy into my kitchen daily and I share those best plates with you. When I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll find me in a restaurant wining and dining the night away. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years and a Montrealer forever, so that makes me pretty savvy on both subjects. I generally prefer to eat healthy whole foods and many of my recipes reflect that but I am definitely not a health fanatic. I believe in balance in all aspects of life including food.

My food motto: Everything in moderation, lots of colours, and it’s always better with a friend.

*Pour les Montréalais francophones: Désolé que mon blog est seulement en anglais, c’est ma langue maternelle et malheureusement je n’ai pas les compétences d’écriture pour traduire tout mon blog en français. J’espère que vous pouvez en profiter de toute façon.

Why veg?

I don’t think eating meat is wrong, I think the way we mass produce meat is wrong.

Becoming a vegetarian was a choice I made as a teenager after watching one too many docs on animal cruelty and factory farming.  Fifteen years later, I have a plethora of reasons for being a vegetarian, many of which have nothing to do with animal cruelty. One great perk is that my diet restriction has made me more passionate and exploratory about food. I eat lots of veggies, I think they are fantastic, and I get to reduce my carbon footprint.

Besides the social, ethical and environmental aspects, I also get to stay in shape and feel great. Considering the gargantuan size of my appetite, being a vegetarian helps me maintain a healthy weight. Typically, a plant based diet will be lower in fat, richer in vitamins and reduce your risk of heart disease.

To my carnivorous friends:

I have no problems with you! I know that there are lots of ways to eat meat while being healthy and socially conscious. In fact, I’ve loved many meat eaters and sat at countless steakhouses with just a baked potato. Part of my inspiration for making this blog was so that veggies & meat-lovers can dine together in harmony. I don’t typically wear my politics on my sleeve, but I would love to see more people adopting flexitarian diet. If you are open-minded, why not start with a Meatless Monday challenge? It’s not as hard as you might think.


I love Montreal, it’s my heart and soul. I’m so lucky to have grown up in such an amazing city with a fabulous food scene. Only trouble is that it’s pretty unforgiving when it comes to vegetarianism.  Montreal, the city of sin, we sure love to indulge! Not only in strip clubs, gambling or clubbing till the wee hours, but in our food. This is the city that invented foie gras poutine, do I really need to elaborate?  I don’t think people normally associate vegetarian cuisine with indulgence, and since Montreal is not necessarily leading the way in the health food movement, we fall behind at being vegetarian friendly. That’s my opinion, especially after traveling to New York, San Francisco, Toronto or Austin where I could pretty much eat at any restaurant without a second thought. We’re progressive, we’re hip, so let’s accommodate vegetarians and vegans  a bit more already!

I want to explore the Montreal’s hidden veggie gems, not just the vegetarian restaurants ( although we have a few) but those typical french bistros that offer a veggie option that is actually well thought out and delicious.


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